Practical Maths


Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

What could be more interesting than playing while learning?

This resource is great to use in KS2 as they are immersed in this concepts!

  • The first game (WHAT’S THE POINT?) consists in: Giving to each child a number of tiles, then the younger one will start by spinning using the board. There are 4 different kinds of pieces: Decimals, Percents, Fractions and Picture a picture of it (5×4).
  • The second game is a DOMINO where you can distinguish between a picture of a fraction and another fraction. So children will need to match their tiles.


Lego Club

Lego Club

Let me introduce you the most simple resource which will offer to your pupils the best result by working SOCIAL SKILLS.

The Objective of this is to get the children to experiment and practice Social skills while following their role. It’s an excellent resource to motivate them to talk and interact while learning how and when to talk using an appropriate language.

It’s suitable from Year 1 to 6, just adapt it to your needs!

The scheme of work is to get:

  • A group of 4 children.
  • Box of Lego pieces.
  • Description of How to build…? (a giraffe, English bus, House, Plane…).
  • Each child will have a very important task: Supplier, Architect, Builder, Director.



Working Social Skills