Aprende Alemán

El curso tiene como objetivo que el estudiante reconozca y asimile los pilares sobre los que se asienta la lengua alemana. Se tratarán aspectos clave desde un punto de vista lógico y analítico, atendiendo a un principio de economía del lenguaje y basándonos, por ejemplo, en investigaciones sobre el grado de cumplimiento de reglas concretas o en los errores más frecuentes del hispanohablante en su proceso de aprendizaje de la lengua alemana. 


Art activities

Arts and Crafts, Origami, Imaginative, projects and activities for children

Get inspired…

Have you heard of STEM? It’s all the educational rage here in California and for good reason. STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Math and often involves a project based curriculum for schools. It “stems” (pun totally intended)  from the idea that science, technology, engineering, and math are core subjects that build innovators. 




image image image image Origami time Snakes!







Resources for Primary Teaching

In this section you will find interesting activities, plenty of resources to use in your lessons and organisational templates for learning-teaching in Primary Education.

Assessing pupils progress



Tools for learning

  • Prezi

This is one of my presentations about »Hearing difficulties» a presentation using Prezi.


  • My Youtube Channel

Here you can find some activities and interesting resources i was working on.


  • Slideshare

Here are some presentations while I was at University. They are still in Spanish or Catalan Languages, but soon in English too!


Practical Maths


Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

What could be more interesting than playing while learning?

This resource is great to use in KS2 as they are immersed in this concepts!

  • The first game (WHAT’S THE POINT?) consists in: Giving to each child a number of tiles, then the younger one will start by spinning using the board. There are 4 different kinds of pieces: Decimals, Percents, Fractions and Picture a picture of it (5×4).
  • The second game is a DOMINO where you can distinguish between a picture of a fraction and another fraction. So children will need to match their tiles.