About me

My name is Sara Lumbreras Aragón. I was born in Spain, in one of the most beautiful and magical islands in the world: Mallorca. The destiny made me land in another wonderful island: Great Britain.

My life in teaching started a long time ago. When still in Mallorca at the age of 16, I started a course to be play worker. I could practice and develop my knowledge on summer play schemes at one of my favorite schools, »C.P Badia Gran», where I worked next to people that really loved the educational environment. Year after year I took more courses and formation that helped me to teach, plan activities and manage children…

In 2013 I finished my Degree in Primary Education, mention in English as a Foreign Language at Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB).

What make me move to London? (Actually, who doesn’t want to?)After living what is learning English in Spain, analyze and think about the future of the Spanish Education… I could understand that I wanted to teach English by making the students experience the joy of learning one of the most important languages nowadays.

So, I planned my English learning journey: I contacted families to become an Au-pair. Living with the family and being part of them is a very good way to understand the daily life, culture, learn the language, etc. After the Summer months where I taught Spanish to the family, I started working in a Primary School club, »Spanish Amigos», in New Malden, London. There, I was planing the lessons, choosing material to motivate the children (coloring, songs, dance, team work, cards, etc…), manage their behavior, dealing with the staff and parents, etc.

When the trees began to blossom, my experience and knowledge in British Schools were increasing so I got the job as Deputy Manager in an after school club and as Midday Supervisor.

It gave me the opportunity to develop my skills and grow… Getting a job as a Centre Manager and Teaching Assistant.


I’m an enthusiastic, confident and hard worker teacher who is committed to safeguarding and promoting the education, following the policies and well-being of pupils. Passionate about giving to the children an outstanding education, to meet their individual necessities and enjoys working in a busy environments as small groups. I have knowledge and developed this skills because of the daily duties at school:


  • Ability to use initiative follow protocols, work Closely with the Class teacher, SEN Inclusion Team…
  • Managing resources effectively as problem solving, flexibility, diversity and inclusion. I’ve been working with SEN children (Learning Difficulties, Selective Mutism, Syndrome Down, TDHA, English as Additional Language, etc).
  • Term and Curriculum planning. Delivering well structured lessons that engage and motivate students in a vibrant and effective learning environment as behaviour issues.
  • Able to establish a supportive relationship with not only students but also their parents and fellow teachers all and staff with the aim of promoting and reinforcing a student’s independence and self-esteem. Experience in Nessy Fingers and Speed Up! (Handwriting), Phonics sessions (Fresh Start)
  • Always engaged in continuous learning, to do the good practice and innovation in order to my own development, knowledge and experience.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills – effective with a range of people. Work team. Development in Communicative Skills groups (Lego, Communication Games Kit, TALC, TalkAbout)
  • Excellent ICT skills and ability to use a database, Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Publisher and Power Point.


I worked as a teaching assistant, librarian, Learning Centre Assistant, supporting in different subjects, participated in Summer Camps, clubs, events for the school and voluntary work in CP Badies Primary School from 2008 (planning and running activities), where I’m still participating with the project ‘’Pen Friends’’ in conjunction with Merton Park Primary School.


I’m teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language for a group in a Primary school. I plan the lessons; create activities and games to motivate them. I’m working with Kids City as a Manager in St. Mary’s Primary School, developing activities and projects for children from 3 to 12 years old (EYFS included). We plan the lessons and projects throughout the terms, including different skills: sports, arts, languages, music, science, etc. I work as a Teaching Assistant, Breakfast Assistant and Midday and meal supervisor in Merton Park Primary School, where I did voluntary work in reception and French class.